The original Wild Coyote Hot Sauces & Spice Company was established in 1962. Our Arizona and New Mexico peppers are the finest in the world. Using a blend of these peppers, our aged pepper mash, we have achieved a perfect blend of extreme flavor and perfect heat. Our sauces were created to inhance your favorite recipes--not to overpower them. From our Fire Roasted Garlic to Buried Alive, each flavor of hot sauce we craft is perfect and can be enjoyed by all. As the original Wild Coyote Hot Sauce, other companies have tried to imitate us but none have been able to achieve our blend of perfect flavor with perfect heat.

Our entire family hopes you enjoy our gourmet crafted sauces and spices.
We wish all of you a spicy day!
--The Gang at Wild Coyote Hot Sauces & Spices